We at Mid-City Pawn, Inc. have been a part of the retail community in Decatur, AL, for over 40 years. As with any thriving business, we have changed over the years. We started out as Acme Sales and Pawn, Inc., on April 1,1974, on Bank St. in Old Decatur. A few years later our growing pains required a new location, so we relocated just down the street to Lee St.

As we grew and expanded our inventory we moved to 14th St SE,in the early 1980's. Here we changed our name to Bama Sales and Pawn, Inc. where we offered a full line of sporting goods including pleasure and fishing boats and motors with a full service department, as well. We later sold the boating and service end of our business which kept the Bama Sales name.

We kept growing, bought out one of our competitors and relocated with a new name: Mid-City Pawn Shop on 6th Ave S E (US Hwy 31). A few years later, in the late 1980's, we moved just one block up the street to our present location, 1029 6th Ave SE. In the early 1990's, we opened Mid-City Jewelry. However, we have discovered that we can offer all our customers better service when we have all our merchandise and functions together.

We thank you for shopping with us.
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